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I’m Karmen, a medical doctor, intuitive energy healer and quantum researcher. And as a higher dimensional being, I’m a blueprinter – geneticist of the diamond soul colour origin (no wonder my medical education 😊) closely related to the blue Sirian collective and the Arcturians, embodying and grounding the Sirian - Arcturian healing matrix through my work, but I also have many lives in Lyra, Orion, Tau Ceti, Andromeda and Antares, on many dimensions simultaneously! Exploring polarity and helping to bring humanity back to its full divine embodiment!

My life changed massively once I understood that all the crazy out-of-the-box knowledge, wisdom, memories and dreams were actually not crazy at all. I just couldn’t comprehend them through my very limited human lens of perception. Once I opened up to all of this galactic knowledge, all made sense and now I feel empowered to live my life fully and help others to empower themselves through this information.

I hope to meet you to help you expand your awareness a bit more to who you truly are.


With love, Karmen