Hi, I'm Karmen MD


I’ve spent the last 25 years in deep personal search to heal myself from high functioning depression, an excruciating feeling of emptiness and having no clue who I was.

Being a western medicine doctor and holding a PhD in genetics and immunology, I had access to all the cutting-edge knowledge and to the best medical care, but nobody seemed to know how to help me, or even heal me.

One day in my early adulthood, when I was staring into my future in deep despair, at the very end of my tether, and questioning whether this was really my life, my whole body responded with a clear, visceral message!



and I will find it! 

And so, my hero’s journey begins!


What society labelled as disability from a limited human perspective, my depression was actually the call of my soul that I couldn’t ignore any more!

It forced me to look within, to remember the truth of who I am.

In the last two and a half decades I have tried out, learned about and experimented with almost all the existing cutting-edge mind-body hacking trends, to satisfy my passion for science and the left brain approach, as well as many alternative healing approaches and traditions, including mind-over matter approaches, energy medicine and quantum approaches, to include the ever-growing deeper multidimensional insights and memories of my soul.

Through that I remembered my higher expressions, my true divine origin and healed myself. I found my purpose and live a life of dreams coming true every single day!

In the process of experimenting with all that was available, including deep meditative contemplation that was opening up the universal field of existence, knowledge and direct experience, I found universal patterns and methods that, if followed sincerely and wholeheartedly, lead universally to self-healing of the body, mind and soul and ultimately to embodied ascension and higher self-realisation as a divine spark of life.

I’ve developed a system, a roadmap, for mastery over your human self to reconnecting to the truest expression of your divine Self. 

And the key lies in your Quantum DNA!

With mastery over your Quantum DNA, you can master a universal tool that can be applied to attain ascension, activate your self-healing powers, embody your multidimensionality, and ground your higher talents and gifts.

You will become a fully empowered creator of your own reality.

This blueprint is about divine empowerment and ascending to a higher dimension of life and work.


My Approach


Through my expanded extrasensory intuitive abilities and an analytical approach to the information available in the quantum field I’m bridging cutting edge medical and quantum science with personalized readings of the individual quantum blueprints of a person to gain a personalized approach to the challenges in your life.

It can be health issues of body, mind or soul, mastering your physical reality or manifesting your dreams.

Once you understand the basic quantum blueprint of creation, it can be applied to every aspect of your life.

I help you master powerful quantum transformational tools, including deep state meditation, imagery, guided visualisation and principles of vibrational, energy and quantum medicine, all designed to direct experience and access your unlimited resources.

Based on the information in your unique quantum body-mind-soul blueprint, the approach is tailored to your unique needs and soul's desires.

Once you master these quantum tools, innately available to all of us, you can leverage your unlimited multidimensional quantum nature and manifest everything you dare to dream of!



Let Others Inspire You.

"I find the scientific competence coupled with her loving nature very enriching on all levels. You can feel that she authentically shares her knowledge and experience with us in order to help us. Thank you very much for that, Karmen."

Manuela Rehrl

"The evening with Karmen was fascinating and expanded my spiritual knowledge a lot. Karmen conveyed the content very calmly and in a very understandable way. It wasn't boring for a second. I could have listened for hours. I definitely want to know more. I'm really looking forward to the next seminar. Thank you very much."

Helena Weber

Join me on the journey to your multidimensional self...

This work is different, fully immersive and activating

It’s a multidimensional blueprint of self-healing, embodied ascension, and mastery over your limited self!

I will not teach you some more superficial knowledge and skills that you will automatically and mindlessly perform or repeat!

This work is not about knowledge.

This work is about embodied wisdom – living that what you truly are!


This work is about direct experiencing the truth of who you are!

I will guide you into direct experiencing of the being that you are and the potentials that you hold.

This takes courage, trust, and surrender. I will teach you these.

I’m a mirror of your potentials and all that is holding you back on the path of becoming your highest expression of self.

In me, you will find a guide, a mentor, and a companion that has walked the path and overcome the blockages and obstacles that you are facing right now.

I will be there to show you the way, but you will walk the path!

I will join you to navigate the darkest, most difficult parts!

But you will take the steps and make the decisions

This work is about self-mastery!

It is about mastery over the parts of the self that make you small, that want you to stay safe, and that want you to feel no fear.

This work is about soul - empowerment!

This work is about reclaiming yourself and executing divine free will.


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