HIDDEN TREASURES – guided contemplation

HIDDEN TREASURES – guided contemplation

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Hello my soulful treasure-hunter!


I invite you to take your journal and a bit of undisturbed time and read this poem.

It is a guided contemplation.


What is a guided contemplation? you might wonder…

GUIDED CONTEMPLATION is a concept where you learn to contemplate in constructive ways to find the way out of all cyclic non-productive or even harmful thought cycles.


Make space in your head and especially in your heart to really let the questions sink in.

Listen…. truly listen to the whispers and answers inside.

They might be crucial and vital.

They might be way-showing.

They might be lifesaving.

This was certainly true for me.They were all of that!

I could answer every single question I had with this process.

These questions transformed me.

They reignited my sense of Self and purpose.

I invite you to take this journey with me and find the answers for yourself.

And know, it is not (only) about the destination.

The hidden treasures are in the process of becoming.

Every single little step counts, even if it feels like going backwords.

And let me tell you a secret. There is no regression, there is no going backwards.

It might feel like history repeating itself. It never does. You can never step into the same river twice. Every single moment you are an evolved version of yourself.

I read this poem every single time I find myself (again...) in this very dark place. Where everything is spinning, and nothing makes sense.

How I got myself into it (again…) is not important!

What is important is, what I’m going to do with it.

Wishing you a soulful treasure hunt.





Do you sometimes feel dull and grey inside?

Seeing no colour?

Days and days of rain?

Or did you even sink deep in there,

into a heavy amnesia of darkness,

not knowing if there is any life inside at all?

What do you do then?


Do you stay there and wait for the spark to hit you?

Do you try to look around?

Do you look outside, or do you look inside?

What are you looking for?


Do you want to escape this numbness or are you looking for salvation?

Are you seeking what is in there…truly….very deep,

maybe buried underneath dirt, mud and heavy moods?

Do you believe it can change?


Do you believe it can ever be better?

Do you believe you can ever feel lighter?

Do you believe you can climb out there?

Do you believe that only someone else’s helping hand can drag you out of there?

Or you believe you can do it?

Do you believe you can do it?


Can you even imagine that you could stay with your head up over the water just for a bit?

Or even a bit longer?


What if I told you, I’ve been there several times?

And what if I told you, you could do it!

Because I did it!

What if I told you that the biggest treasures are hidden in there,

treasures only you can uncover,

bring up from the depths of this darkness and show to the world.


What would these treasures be?

How would they feel like?

How would they look like?

How would they make you feel?


Tune in there,

find them,

tune into them,

feel them,

imagine them,

allow them to spark you,

to consume you,

to fill you with creativity, curiosity

and boundless flow of energy!


Feel it, get deeper into it,

don’t get scared if it feels uncomfortable - even very heavy at times.


Don’t worry,

this is only the heavy blanket of habit that makes you believe in scarcity and your unworthiness.

Just sink deeper,

deeper into this darkness,

I’m there every day,

we all are…


The path home sometimes leads through an enormous scary dreadful hole of darkness.

But you will be surprised to realise that this dark place is only an illusion.

An illusion woven together by a delicate intricate yet stern rigid structure

of us living our lives in this here and now in the dimension of polarity,

where darkness cannot exist without light

and where love and connection cannot exist without the illusion of disconnectedness.


Just sink deeper and let yourself be gently grasped by an immense power,

the presence of your own being,

the being that has been hidden from you all this time.

The part of you for which you were longing for so incessantly all your moments of life,

this feeling of coming home,

of being finely found again.

This indescribable unseen power that is you,

that is loving you,

that is giving you life,

that is always watching you

and is always longing for you to know it


– your higher Self!


Deeply sink into the treasure of finding yourself over and over again.

You are never lost, you just have to remember who you are!


Enjoy your treasures and cherish the courage you found to take the path to find them.





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