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After a rough month of challenges and many, many…..many….. emotional rollercoasters, I got inspired to record a meditation. I did it for myself in the first place. I often record processes that I find very valuable in a form of a meditation, so I can do them easily, if I find myself in total emotional fog, where my thoughts spin like crazy and it seems I can’t find the way out of it!

When a very dear friend of mine asked me how I let go of challenging emotions, or rather how I TRANFORM these challenging emotions to let them work for me, I decided to expand on this one and recorded a meditation for all of us, because I know we are all challenged in some way or other right now…


“Emotions are energy in motion! And energy cannot vanish, it can only be transformed! Your challenging and painful emotions can be TRANSMUTED into THE MOST POWERFUL FUEL to initiate and drive action!”


Ask yourself, when do you really start to think about some lasting change?

Usually when you feel very uncomfortable emotions!

This is certainly true for me!


But did do you know that you can make these uncomfortable emotions work for you?

It takes a sincere look at the emotion and its message. Pushing it away doesn’t work!

And there is a very good reason for this. We couldn’t navigate reality without emotions. Minds are not enough to live, create and navigate in this reality!


“Emotions are THE MOST IMPORTAN GUIDING TOOLS from our Higher Selves. In addition to subtle forms like intuition, imagery and extrasensory perceptions.”


Therefore, there is NO WAY TO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!


They are an inbuild intrinsic mechanism of our beingness, even beyond this reality.

We mostly forgot how to use emotions as our guidance. We very often overlook and don’t hear the subtle messages in the form of subtle emotions, intuition or imagery, and are collectively led into the belief that we have to struggle or push ourselves to get to a certain result. And struggling and pushing doesn’t feel good. It certainly isn’t inspiring!

Our physical and emotional bodies are therefore used to huge build-ups of challenging emotions that demand our attention. And this for a very good reason! When we feel challenging emotion, then we are off the path to where we want to arrive!

We cannot push ourselves to the finish line….

Well, we can, but the results are dysregulated bodies, minds and souls and we end up dis-eased!

I’ve lived by this belief for far to long, so I ended up disbalanced!



Do you know the phrase by Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”?

Yes, it’s that simple! But it's far from easy!



This little phrase holds incredible transformative power once we really embody its teaching.

But let’s begin at the very place we stand in right now! We live in an extremely polarized world in this moment in time and not even one day can pass without being challenged in one way or the other. An emotion is a very natural and logical reaction to the constant changes of life itself. It’s a response to us holding a perspective of a given circumstance. As we are evaluating our position in this circumstance the emotion arises as an guiding signal to where to go next. When we see a circumstance as not manageable, then we feel disempowered. But the message of our Higher Self is that there is always a way out! And the key is hidden in the emotion. As we start shifting perspectives and trying out new paths or possibilities, our emotion change instantly in the moment as we find the right way to proceed and act!


Therefore, I invite you to work on your emotions, your powerful energy in motion, very diligently, to transmute and alchemize them from a disbalancing power to one that can change lives, worlds and futures!


This is the intention behind my meditation. I invite you to practice it every time you face challenging emotions, so you can redirect the energy from disbalance and disconnection into inspiration and motion forward!

Let’s get started!


With love, Karmen


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