Full Quantum Soul Reading

Combine the power of  TWO READINGS - From Karma to Life Purpose and Your Galactic Soul’s journey (puchased separately for 494 USD), to get a thorough understanding of your soul origin, your star family connections, jour soul’s path throughout Creation, your karma and dharma, and the abilities and expertise you bring into this lifetime to fulfil your purpose and mission as an embodiment of your multidimensional being!


With this reading we are tuning into the most important and relevant galactic experiences in different star systems as being part of different star nations and your purpose and missions at these different stages in your soul evolution. We are particularly focusing on the most relevant experiences, incarnations, karmic patterns, missions and purpose, that are holding keys to heal lastingly, find meaning and purpose in this lifetime and activate memories, abilities and expertise that was collected for eons and is relevant and necessary for this lifetime now on Earth.


With the permission, help and guidance of your Higher Self we get answers to your most burning questions and find solutions to your problems, all in alignment with the divine law, honouring divine timing, free will and the absolute integrity and sovereignty of your own being and the beings who are quantum entangled with your soul and your multiple expressions.

I use tools like intuitive soul record reading, deep state meditation, imagery work and guided visualisation and energy healing and clearing techniques.



  • From Karma to Life Purpose

  • Your Galactic Soul Journey reading


This full package reading includes:

  • about 5-7 hours of pre-Zoom Meeting preparation – intuitive Akasha reading and Galactic Astrological Chart analysis

  • 1H 30 min live video call

  • about 10 page report

  • the recording of the session



You came into this world on an exactly calculated mathematical point that is being set by your date of birth, exact time of birth and the place of your birth. To be able to precisely access the data stored in your quantum soul filed, I will need this data to be able to do the readings and coaching. Without this data I won’t be able to do the reading.

So please submit this data on the scheduling form inside the Library once you purchase your session.




A lot of information in this report cannot be proven or disproven as it is mainly of metaphysical nature.

As a conscious participant of this reading, you take sole responsibility for any decisions or actions you may take based on the information presented in this report.

Use your discernment and do your own further research if you feel guided to.


Please be aware of our cancellation and refund policy. It is listed in FAQ.


What People Are Saying:

"What a reading! Like waking up from a long sleep... The eternal play of the soul is revealed in all the mightiness of the breadths and depths of the cosmos. Forebodings are clarified, efforts get their meaning, actions are confirmed and an incredible momentum for the future is given. Karmen channels, raises awareness and activates memories and individual potentials. It thoroughly and systematically provides insights into almost unimaginable dimensions of existence. My essence is deeply grateful for the activation of the galactic memory. Satisfied and calm, I sovereignly embark on the journey to realize everything that is intended. Thank you!"


$396.00 USD

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