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DEEP HEALING of body, mind and soul


We do a deep dive into your life experience, your habits of thoughts and emotions to uncover the dysfunctional beliefs and habits that disbalance the body, mind and soul on a regular basis.
We then work on removing these blocks on all levels of your being, restoring the unlimited flow of vital energy  and integrating new habits into your life, so it will support a lasting transformation towards health and vitality.

Investment: 150 USD

Deep healing is possible! coaching
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Leverage your quantum nature through meditation and quantum visualisation - coaching


Leverage your quantum nature


We work on uncovering and removing blocks that prevent you from maintaining a stable perception and embodiment of your higher expression of Self.
I teach you tools for uncovering the true power of your self and to bring the unlimited possibilities into your body so they will be grounded in your experience and manifest in your life.

Investment: 150 USD

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Navigate the Quantum field


You have a stable connection to the higher field of awareness, yet you would like to master the unlimited possibilities that are available to you.
We explore the extent of mastery that is possible and work on your desires related to navigating the field, grounding and manifesting opportunities and dreams.


Investment: 150 USD


Navigate the Quantum field coaching
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Rough spiritual awakening sos coaching


Rough spiritual awakening sos coaching


Did you just have a rough spiritual awakening and don't know how to handle the situation? You are overwhelmed by the extreme changes and the huge shift of meaning in your life.
We work on grounding and making sense of your experience. We work on embodying the newly found awareness into your body and life, and on working out ways on how it can serve you for your greatest good and your higher expression of Self.


Investment: 150 USD

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Deep meditation alchemy


Do you feel there is more to meditation then you are currently experiencing?
Do you have a deep knowing that meditation is THE TOOL to create anything you can dream of?
Do you know that you could reach a much higher level of mastery of your own reality through meditation?
You just don’t know HOW!
Yes, there is much more to meditation then we are currently aware of!
I have discovered how deep meditation alchemy can enrich your life beyond imaginable and would like to share it with you!


Investment: 150 USD


Deep meditation alchemy coaching
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Quantum Manifestation Mastery coaching


Quantum Manifestation Mastery


There are a few IMMUTABLE PRINCIPLES we need to follow to manifest our dreams.
Once understood and practiced, it becomes second nature!
We work on learning and mastering the immutable quantum principles for manifesting whatever you dream of. It could be health, peace, abundance or the relationship you are longing for for so long.


Investment: 150 USD

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